Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Who, What, Why.

So, I get this idea in my head that says "start a blog" and here it is. Now for those out there who don't know me yet here is the scoop. When I was a child no one, not even family members could pronounce my name right. I was called Sarah.
Sarah was funny, sweet, lovable and good at everything. She could do no wrong and knew exactly who she was growing up to be. Full of hope and magic the likes the world was not ready for.
But then, we grow up and everything changes. We learn about insecurities and heart break, and all too soon become aware that we are not that fire fighter or princess. Its time to figure out what we are doing with our lives and how we are going to live them. That's where I come in.
I am a stay at home mom of two amazing children, a wife to a good honest man, and disgruntled owner of a chocolate lab. In this blog I will be honest and real. Taking it day by day as I Search for Sarah.

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