Saturday, May 29, 2010

I am in love again. I have seen many buildings of gloriousness that my wallet is about to throw up. The game is afoot and I like a tiger ready to scratch the hell out of some one. Too good to be true shouts my husband, but I remain hopeful.

My son has become re-obsessed with Iron Man. So off to the theater he jumps dressed in full Iron Man gear. barely able to contain the screams of delight. My husband was aloud to accompany him because every hero needs a side kick! But the good times were not to last for an over tired, over stimulated half dressed Tony Stark walks glumly in my door. The movie was apparently all Tony no Bon. No action means no more watchy. So sad, but the outfit is still the best thing since his last new present.
I was craving Chinese food and had a verity of strange veggies on hand. I decided to try and make a noodle soup, with spaghetti noodles of all things. It was GRRRREAT! Even my 10 month old couldn't stop eating it. My son brought me some Peanut Butter Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies he made at his grandmas over the weekend, and did not think to showcase them here until after they were devoured. Sorry all.
This weekend of Memorials will be spent at a park, with friends, and full of baking. still waiting for the ooey gooey, me too. keep your chin up..its coming.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A new look, a new additude over cream.

So I forgot to mention my new look. Chopped off 10 inches of my gorgeous locks and then proceeded to dye my reaming hairs a deep dark Cherry. I feel like a clean sheet on a new mattress. A spring in my step and the tude to match. A whole new woman am I.Haven't felt this way in a long time.

Make anything new you ask? Well my so in woke hungry like a bear one morning, which isn't often, and I tried my hand at cinnamon rolls. I had only one thing on hand to make it quick and easy. Yes you guessed it...Jiffy. Your good old fashioned all purpose baking wonder. Now biscuits and waffles...oh yea. But ooey gooey cinnamon rolls..take my advice. Do it the long hard way. All "you-made" vs Jiffy's "home-made", dark chocolate vs milk...night and day. So please do your victims a favor and make it Jiffy free. Another tip. You think its enough cinnamon, it's no where near!
My son, though not the best judge about most things..he's only 3, loved them. Ate two huge rolls like they were sent from the gods and asked ever so sweetly"what else you gonna make mommy?". My cup runith over!
Personally, I have been a bit on edge lately. Maybe it was the lack of food, the overload of it, the weather that is rainy and cold, or perhaps its something else. Not even the guacamole I made, again, helped out. Just breath. The little girl is crawling and hard to keep up with, while the little man is crazy go go.
So wagons hoe once more and its off to make some sort of pie.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ham and Friends

Over the weekend after much needed rest and liquids we are our old selves again, I was requested by the husband to make and glaze a ham. Now I am not a big ham fan...but when I make it look out. It was juicy and tummy satisfying. Here is the trick, take the ham out of the oven and peel back every layer to ensure that each bite is glazed to perfection. A pain in the neck but so worth it when your guests get a part of the crunchy glazey yumms. What goes best with ham you ask? Guacamole!
OK so Guacamole doesn't really go with ham but with next day ham sandwiches its a go.
In between bites of emerald velvet we have been out and about looking at houses. Nothing so far, but thank goodness we have time to be picky.
Diet, not so good. being sick didn't eat...better I cant seem to fork it in fast enough. So once again, its back on the wagon tomorrow. Maybe I should just cook organic vegetarian food. The little lady is talking up a storm and crawling all over the house. I think she needs a bell. Maybe then I could find her.
Up next its home made Carmel's. This will be a first for me. The Carmel's are just step one. Then it will be those gooey delights I talked about last time. If you have any requests please let me know I would love to make something new and different.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I decided the ladies look better as brunets.

The Ability to Project

After our little adventure my son came to me at about 9pm and informed me he had spit up. As I entered his room the smell was undeniable. His bed covered in last nights dinner, I removed all contaminants and engaged the cuddle master. Apparently that scene was only stage 1. With a tear and a coo I was suddenly doused in a encore of the previous. His ability to project from 2 feet away could get him into Circ De Sole.
From 9pm to 2am he was so worn out and empty that he finally settled down for bed. As I lay on the floor of his room, 9 month old clinging close I tried to catch what ever zzz's happened to creep in. Then without warning the sun came up and I found myself in the bathroom with a case of the copy cats. No food for us for 24 hours, it was coming out both ends with no sign of stopping. Two kids under 4, sickness, crying, and hours of sleep....we are finally feeling like our old selves 2 days later.

I recently saw someone I haven't seen in what feels like forever. My long lost brother came by to chat about all he has been up to. A student of the culinary arts, and a busy apprentice, we do not get together much so when we did the thoughts and feelings pent up for months came flooding out. It was a good thing to express myself, I have taken a cue from my husband and am speaking plainly. I will be honest to myself and say what I feel being honest to who I am without apology. No matter how unpopular it makes me.
I am also trying to ween my daughter at night. If it was anymore difficult I'd scream.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

So I got up early as usual and made orange glazed carrot tea cakes. From what I hear they are good.Once i bake it I can't eat it. Maybe The weight will begin to fall off.

My husband was having a bad day at work so I made him Blondies with peanutbutter pieces too good to resist. And yes they were. WOW!
Now to the days happenings. My son and I ate some bad lunchmeat and have been sick all night. More him than me. So that means no sleep, cleaning the p[rojectile from my clothes, floor, him. It has not been a good night. But he seems to be feeling much better now and able to hold down food. Lets hope I fair as well.
Next on the to do list...ooey-gooey goodness.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Adventure 1

After embarking on a Jeep adventure, the children in toe, we found ourselves strapped down at lil known camping spot hidden in the trees overlooking a lake of sky blue. It had been a year since we stepped onto the rich mud soaked with last nights fire. A welcome home feeling rushed across us. Needing the escape from diet, social neglect, job...everything that seems to matter but really doesn't. The grande illusion.
It was great. I got to see my husband assult a tree...well several trees infact. Apparently he is a deadly knife fighter and I am just learning this. I'll say this, should we ever be attackted by anything slow moving and about his hieght, I'm safe as hell.

So tomorrow its back to reality, diet, job, and the routien. Sounds good to me.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A moment, if you will, of Deep

As I search for Sarah in the years to come a little monster has reared its head. Friends once known have returned, and with them a life flooded in. An old love by the name of Ana is scratching at the surface. How complicated and frightening to say such a thing out loud. But when i felt the pain it kept me company when I was alone. I close my eyes and breath the sweet smelling air with nothing behind in the dark. Yet still I am restless. Still I have a hunger for something. Is it her fault, is the call too comforting to ignore?

I wonder if that is part of Sarah or is it part of me? I want something of my own, for me alone.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Have you missed me? The world of cyber kill found its way into my house and shut my computer down. No warning for us defenceless folk. But I am here now so dry those eyes and "hail to the king baby".

So, much has passed in the weeks of electronic with drawl. The first to come to mind is a trip taken to Long Beach Ca. A trip long over due. Accompanied by my husband we drove down. The conversations we have while on a road trip are the most amazing. But once you hit that traffic that the beautiful state of California is so well know for, the talking becomes a growl. It was like a piece of chocolate covered deep fried cheese cake. I recommend listening to all those people who say " Spend some you time".
The Trial and Error of this recently discovered Baking Goddess has been upon me like white on rice on a paper plate in a snow storm. it seems the more i do the more each creation looks like something unrecognisable. I try to muster the magic and creativity that once flowed from my bag to find I have turned my intentions to crap.

I made some horrific cucakes for my aunt to take to work, they will not be featured in this blog for fear of recognition in the hood. Tried to count calories and did that job till i passed out. I ate way too much. So what does the american woman do, we bake.