Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Ability to Project

After our little adventure my son came to me at about 9pm and informed me he had spit up. As I entered his room the smell was undeniable. His bed covered in last nights dinner, I removed all contaminants and engaged the cuddle master. Apparently that scene was only stage 1. With a tear and a coo I was suddenly doused in a encore of the previous. His ability to project from 2 feet away could get him into Circ De Sole.
From 9pm to 2am he was so worn out and empty that he finally settled down for bed. As I lay on the floor of his room, 9 month old clinging close I tried to catch what ever zzz's happened to creep in. Then without warning the sun came up and I found myself in the bathroom with a case of the copy cats. No food for us for 24 hours, it was coming out both ends with no sign of stopping. Two kids under 4, sickness, crying, and hours of sleep....we are finally feeling like our old selves 2 days later.

I recently saw someone I haven't seen in what feels like forever. My long lost brother came by to chat about all he has been up to. A student of the culinary arts, and a busy apprentice, we do not get together much so when we did the thoughts and feelings pent up for months came flooding out. It was a good thing to express myself, I have taken a cue from my husband and am speaking plainly. I will be honest to myself and say what I feel being honest to who I am without apology. No matter how unpopular it makes me.
I am also trying to ween my daughter at night. If it was anymore difficult I'd scream.

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