Saturday, May 29, 2010

I am in love again. I have seen many buildings of gloriousness that my wallet is about to throw up. The game is afoot and I like a tiger ready to scratch the hell out of some one. Too good to be true shouts my husband, but I remain hopeful.

My son has become re-obsessed with Iron Man. So off to the theater he jumps dressed in full Iron Man gear. barely able to contain the screams of delight. My husband was aloud to accompany him because every hero needs a side kick! But the good times were not to last for an over tired, over stimulated half dressed Tony Stark walks glumly in my door. The movie was apparently all Tony no Bon. No action means no more watchy. So sad, but the outfit is still the best thing since his last new present.
I was craving Chinese food and had a verity of strange veggies on hand. I decided to try and make a noodle soup, with spaghetti noodles of all things. It was GRRRREAT! Even my 10 month old couldn't stop eating it. My son brought me some Peanut Butter Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies he made at his grandmas over the weekend, and did not think to showcase them here until after they were devoured. Sorry all.
This weekend of Memorials will be spent at a park, with friends, and full of baking. still waiting for the ooey gooey, me too. keep your chin up..its coming.

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