Saturday, May 1, 2010


Have you missed me? The world of cyber kill found its way into my house and shut my computer down. No warning for us defenceless folk. But I am here now so dry those eyes and "hail to the king baby".

So, much has passed in the weeks of electronic with drawl. The first to come to mind is a trip taken to Long Beach Ca. A trip long over due. Accompanied by my husband we drove down. The conversations we have while on a road trip are the most amazing. But once you hit that traffic that the beautiful state of California is so well know for, the talking becomes a growl. It was like a piece of chocolate covered deep fried cheese cake. I recommend listening to all those people who say " Spend some you time".
The Trial and Error of this recently discovered Baking Goddess has been upon me like white on rice on a paper plate in a snow storm. it seems the more i do the more each creation looks like something unrecognisable. I try to muster the magic and creativity that once flowed from my bag to find I have turned my intentions to crap.

I made some horrific cucakes for my aunt to take to work, they will not be featured in this blog for fear of recognition in the hood. Tried to count calories and did that job till i passed out. I ate way too much. So what does the american woman do, we bake.

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