Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ham and Friends

Over the weekend after much needed rest and liquids we are our old selves again, I was requested by the husband to make and glaze a ham. Now I am not a big ham fan...but when I make it look out. It was juicy and tummy satisfying. Here is the trick, take the ham out of the oven and peel back every layer to ensure that each bite is glazed to perfection. A pain in the neck but so worth it when your guests get a part of the crunchy glazey yumms. What goes best with ham you ask? Guacamole!
OK so Guacamole doesn't really go with ham but with next day ham sandwiches its a go.
In between bites of emerald velvet we have been out and about looking at houses. Nothing so far, but thank goodness we have time to be picky.
Diet, not so good. being sick didn't eat...better I cant seem to fork it in fast enough. So once again, its back on the wagon tomorrow. Maybe I should just cook organic vegetarian food. The little lady is talking up a storm and crawling all over the house. I think she needs a bell. Maybe then I could find her.
Up next its home made Carmel's. This will be a first for me. The Carmel's are just step one. Then it will be those gooey delights I talked about last time. If you have any requests please let me know I would love to make something new and different.

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