Sunday, June 6, 2010

Revelation in Cream Cheese

As I looked through fridge for something to give the boys to snack on, popcorn was on the tops. A it popped a nagging little voice kept calling to me. Some baked veggie flavored crackers mysteriously made there way inside my bowl. Satisfied, the trek to the living room stopped cold, "cream cheese". How did that word pop into my brain, abuz with idea the crackers were alone and hot. That they wanted...NO, NEEDED to be covered in a thick coating of cold creamy wonderland. I can not say, but then I found myself spreading, with luxurious strokes, the delicious snow and savoring the smooth precise strokes I made with each passing. I pondered that the food would taste the same weather I smeared it on delicately or plopped a wod on one side and ate that sucker in one bite. And the experiment was on. The cracker lovingly smeared with the cheese was appealing and wonderful. Next in line, the cracker with a chunk of cheese went down just the same. No different.
It was then that I realized we spread on spreadables because its fun, therapeutic. It makes us feel as if each one is special, a euphoria. But as we are animals, The cream cheese went right to my head. I abandoned the knife and began to dip, cracker in hand..hand in tub and cracker, whole, in mouth. Speed catching up. One after the other, and I thought, what a Revelation of our species. Our desire to be prim and dainty, to have all we enjoy to be meaningful and lovely. But in the end....we wind up face first, knuckles down in the cream cheese tub.

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