Thursday, June 17, 2010

So the Octane show was great. Although I did see a woman holding a preemie on oxygen covered in a thin blanket while the mother so carefully lit and smoked a cigarette. What the hell is wrong with people? A Preemie on oxygen at a High Octane show sucking in car fumes while mommy smoked a cig? I tell you I could have ripped that woman's hair out and ran away with a new kid!

But despite my rage, the show was good. A little slow for my son and I but interesting to see, even did doughnuts in a monster truck.

So I made these Trail mix cookies, and they were yummy. Just a sugar cookie with my favorite kind of trail munchies slightly modified of course. They were gone befor you could say "bob's your uncle". Haven't been feeling like myself these days. Too much stress to mention and not enough baking going on. All day long I think about food, what's for dinner, breakfast, snack. What do I bake now? No wonder I am fat!

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