Thursday, June 24, 2010

Belated, Deep

Happy belated fathers day to all we put a bid on is now . I have been unable to write for long as some new developments have come around. The house that we put a bid on..well, its ours. closes the 22ND of July. I can't believe it. my very own house. The kitchen is bigger so i will be cooking more for sure. Now the worst thing ever, packing. It's like dragging your feet in the sand.
Another step toward adulthood and I can't help but feel its all too soon, yet can't contain my joy. I've been thinking too much lately. The Scorpio's curse is to go through a cycle of Death and Rebirth, as U might be able tor to find than I thought tell I'm going through the Death part right about now. Unsure as to who I am and what I want just for me. My sisters out there understand.
Been on edge, too much stress over everything. Maybe now is a good time to get over it and relax, and finally make a cherry pie. This Sarah person is harder to find than I thought. I feel consumed and alone.

My daughter will be having her first birthday soon. How time does fly and age right along with it. I used to think it would be beautiful to be 30, now, besides making myself a mad hatter cake, I'm all for not having even one more birthday.

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