Thursday, June 10, 2010


I happen to notice that when ever we, my husband and I, we just met for the first time at night again and what do we do after all day apart? We run for our phones and txt or facebook. Look at me now, Blogging. Did technology ruin our lives...yes. But I would be lost without my phone.
Been having some strange thoughts lately, nothing worth mentioning yet though. The soup I made a while ago has been evolving into this great, amazing juice of life. No more pictures yet, don't want to bore you with same old stuff. Have been perfecting this for 2 weeks and I think its perfect.
Going to a distant land this weekend. Can you guess where? FALON. Top Fuel will be acceding and my husband will be requesting mine and my sons presence at the loudest show I know about. An adventure to say the least, but not feeling it. I hate loud noises and I am not into cars. We will see.

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