Thursday, April 1, 2010

Act 1

It's day one and I feel compelled to start things out right. I am 28 going on 30, addicted to sugar and over weight. I often start something full heartily and never finish. This blog will be about my journey through the next year or so and I hope to look back and have something to show for it. First things first..weight! I am 5'3'' and 210lbs. Enough said.

Today I start a work out regime and a diet. No more excuses like "you just had a baby" or "i don't have time with house work and 2 kids". There is an ever nagging little fairy that sits on my shoulder saying "do it tomorrow, you have time...relax". I really want to listen.
Not as rough as I thought.Eating well has never been, but working's like weights on my feet in a pool full of sand. Doesn't help having a 3yr old and a 8 month old either. But there are those excuses again. But is that one really? Or is it truth?I like to think its more FACT than anything else. Trying to go from couch to 5k in 2 1/2 months. Not that this Blog will be all about weight. It will consist of randomness, adventures, and baked goods. Just trying to help you know me a little better so when I go off on a tangent, you'll understand. It's a little for me as well.

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