Friday, April 2, 2010


So I must first start off by printing a retraction. Or rather a request by my faithful reader to clarify a statement I made. "Even though I am short(5'3") and over weight (no need to repeat) I hold my weight extremely well. I am not a porker, and am pretty hot from certain angles.Thank you my dear devotee for pointing that out.

Easter crept up my backside this year. Made an emergency run to the store to prep for the visiting of the greatest chocoholic of all time. Cadburry Cream Egg. The best egg that has ever been shit out of mammal. Thank god its only 1 weekend a year. And speaking of witch I am so proud of myself for eating well. The other half made some amazing Mexican tacos with adobo chicken on corn tortillas fried to a golden crisp thick enough to still remain chewy. They were devine. As were the cup cakes I made for desert.
So I was thinking, what ever happened to Crystal Pepsi? It was a fad but it was tooth rot good.

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